Saturday, 8 November 2014


Furniture: “Soul of memories”

Furniture makes a house mature, sounding substantial, reliable, and reassuring.
It is more than something it used to be, nowadays they are more as part of family, most of we preserve old antique collection just not because they are different in collection but they are in our remembrance, somewhere in nostalgic collection of memories like, my grandpa’s chair, or let it be me wooden childhood toy friend. Furniture, for whatever peculiar reason, seems to say "yes, you must have this."
                   This really matters today adding a large, significant piece of furniture or be it a small corner table to our household, furniture is soul of memories. In anyways these are designed for peaceful, cozy purposes to have them when everyone is there and also when no one is there.
Furniture is bridge between families:
               What it's worth having, check out the new purchase of dining table that sits at heart of any home acting as a get to gather point where family members, friends, kids, guests or invitees to the house meet before getting invisible again into the world of their individual activities. Dinner time every night is the gala time among meals, the most enjoyable time of whole day. This is because, at dinner the whole family is simply bound to be together – while at other times, each member has a different time for a meal may be because of jobs and work schedules. Each member of the family exchanges notes of what each did for the whole day. Discussions becomes the refreshing moments and very interesting though somebody understands or not but just you love as all are together.
                     While one other a stool that looks so simple but plays important and equal contribution in many useful things, at times of festivals you need to climb up for cleaning where your does not reach easily, or to put something up the almirah else to get that thing down, also it serves a purpose of small table and can hold a telephone and its book so for a purpose this four leg piece you surely remember to put up in the list. 
So the table that stands in the living room, kitchen or family room carries a great deal of emotional weight, as well as the obvious need for it to be a functional table with the space and durability to support family life for many years. 
  Serving Comfort when you need most:Your guest room deserves a sofa that stays in memories not only at times of party celebrations at home where whole bunch of kids tightly pack each other to take a selfie but also at times of serious discussions among elders.
A life to a living room is given by an adorable sofa as a friend in need it stands with you when your house is full of guests on fests, indeed.

These golden memories with furniture last for lifetime, representing the ultimate form of sustainability lending its character a friendly edge, creating a peaceful and homely atmosphere. 

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