Thursday, 13 November 2014


So your dream home is ready to get life……Yes that is true that family friends and relatives make The home live as well furniture is also important part of lively home .
Actually furniture gives flow to our life, it reflect our thought and behavior toward our life, still this is secondary important part of our home our highest priority should be for family off course!!! And you are better judge for family and relative just let me talk about furniture.
Yeh,I have been talked with thousands of people and would proudly say that I am in this business from last 14 years and running india’s first online furniture store named induscraft.

So let me assist you in finding furniture for your beautiful home, we would take this ahead in phases

·         ENTRANCE:

When we step in home that area should be neat and soothing area with light, fragrances of flower because we are taking first breath of home in this area.
If you  are living in flat than you can use shoes rack with at least 3 shelves and top portion should have a sitting space so you can sit and put off shoes etc..
Put mirror over there it gives little broad area and psychological effect also ,that when we saw on mirror we can smile with little effort true that is right what you understand !! Put mirror over shoes rack cum bench.

If you have bigger space than you can put console and mirror or a Budha painting in DHYAN Mudra.

Over the console you can keep some family photo,so when you enter in your home after a tired day,just see your family smiling faces and enter with fresh joy, left hefty day behind the door of your entrance.

Selection of shoes rack is important, if you can find better space for big shoes rack than fine and if this is in side of your home than I would select half open and half close shoes rack and sitting area just beside this.
Shoes rack must be ventilated both way in door and back side also,you can also customize the same at many website.

Shoes rack with slanted door is nice trendy idea you can pick.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope this will help you in some way…

Best of luck, happy living.

Mukesh jain :Co founder

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