Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Choose your perfect bed:Have a comfortable sleep

5 types of cozy and comfy wooden beds

Just a single thought of bed brings remembrance of hours to relaxation, minutes of sleep and seconds of easiness. In general, thinking of bed at times when we are exhausted or feeling fatigued turns-up a conventional and typical snap shot of it in our mind and that glossy visual itself drags us to bed. So let’s dig out sleeping options in plethoric and vigorous varieties of beds that are comfortably relaxing and equally personified and featured.     
1.  Diwan Bed: Among all, this is good one to go with plain style which is available in innumerable variations, varieties and variegations. Fundamentally, a diwan is a wooden base that sits on floor directly on to which headboard and bed mattress are fixed as accessories sometimes comes as part of a bed package while other time need separate purchase. The base of bed is few feet high with lifting cover that is capacious enough for organizing bedroom things or you can also go with storage drawer underneath.Drawer storage with no compromise in comfort levels gives enormous space to store additional things.
2.  Canopy Bed: This admiring luxurious bed features four bed posts at each of the four corners of bed stretching five feet high above mattress interconnecting beams and forming the ceiling over the bed. This four poster bed keeps the warmth for couple by dangling curtains to all sides. Unlike other beds, for our bed rooms, these beautifully curtained canopy beds are like jewel in the crown because they are the centerpiece in room.Keep in mind that you must have bedroom at least 275 sqft or above.
3.  Platform Bed: These are warmly approved and fondly known as panel bed which usually consists of a raised solid horizontal frame comprising of latticed wooden rows for mattress support. Portability they serves best as they are not heavy and easy move across. The feature is that you need not place a second sheet underneath mattress as they let your mattress ventilate. This bed normally comes as low height bed and you can use 8 inches to 12 inches high mattress.
4.  Poster Bed: These beds are built featuring four tall vertical posts on each of corner to bed. They resembles in design to canopy beds except interconnecting crossbeams forming ceiling over bed. Many configurations and arrangements of poster beds showcase extremely embellished and ornate headboards with matching carved out footboards. This luxurious smart idea for your bedroom puts a touch of antique theme along with a royal cozy shelter.
5.   Single Bed: These are the beds that bear a resemblance to day bed or sofa bed. But they are actually single bed or may be called guest bed with approx measurement of 39”x 75” accommodating one person. These are multifunctional playing many roles serving as couch to relax on, recliner to lie while reading something, lounger in lounge room and of course as single bed to fall asleep.

It’s easy to select a piece of choice once we know the basic usage, general look and additional features scoped for different beds. Each one of these appealing designs is available on our website www.Induscraft.com and you can purchase this furniture online right from your home. Delivering you comfort, pleasures us a lot and will be less intimidating for your next bed.For specialist advice you can even schedule a call to select a perfect bed for your home.


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