Monday 19 September 2022

Ecofriendly Furniture: Wooden furniture from Jodhpur

Dear Mother earth.

We are in furniture industry and majorly we are dealing with solid wood furniture,  this means we are cutting trees and using wood which is not good for environment and ozone layer, well that’s what some people may think but I hope you are aware how we are doing things.

We are using plantation tree which is basically planting trees as farming or plantation just like a crop, it has the same process like harvesting of trees and cutting them at the right time this means these tree of which we are using wood which is not sourced from forest but these can be called as crops and its harvesting time is 10-12 years but this idea is still not approved by some people and they think that its a bad idea to use wood for furniture.

So you tell me mother earth is this true? No it’s not true. I am clearing this by comparing 2 different chair using different material which is plastic chair and wooden chair. 

  • Plastic chair would be  cheaper and you would get almost in range of 1000 to 2000 as it depends on design and brand you are using. 
  • It will be light in weight and almost same monotonous finish and well defined color. 
  • It’s life expectancy will probably be 4 to 6 years maximum! and once this chair is broken or not in usable condition you won’t have any option other then throwing it in the garbage.
  • Any plastic bottle only will take 450 Years to decompose so you can imagine how much time this one single chair will take to decompose . 

Now let’s compare the same with a wooden chair.

  • Wooden chair Price range would be Rs.3000 to 4000 
  • warm natural color or can be chosen other color like Honey teak, walnut, espresso, Rosewood, and rich look of grains, even after a while you can change color and polish finish also.
  • easy to maintain for years just by polishing and small repairing works, furniture for years or can say generation to generation.
  • and about decomposition , you don’t need to worry about it as they are like natural product, it will be decompose just like us natural beings.

So in other words if you buy any wooden furniture like solid wood bed, cabinet, chest of drawer, sideboard, mirror frame, sofa set, coffee table, dining table set of chair, you will find beautiful grains all over, no monotonous, all natural. You can customize your design and color finish and you will find many varieties of wood also but mostly if we talk about our company we are using Sheesham wood very well known as rose wood.

This wood we are sourcing from Punjab and Haryana where farmers are growing these to protect their boundary wall or some people are using it completely as a farm.

Once we receive wood from them we will cut them and use certain pressure spray of chemical in chamber for particular duration so that chemical will go in side the wood pores and any harmful white ants etc will be vanished and wood will last for longer duration.

So now this wood is chemically treated from white ants and will be filled in KLIN for seasoning , this will be completely dried in 10-15 days and now we are ready to make and deliver beautiful furniture to you.

So, these are all the facts about the wooden chair mother earth, help people to understand this please and ask them to buy wooden furniture which is possible for them according to their utility and budget.

And last but not least, Jodhpur is manufacturing hub for wooden furniture. currently 30% of total wooden furniture supplied in india is manufactured in jodpur. Our Brand Induscraft based in Jodhpur and  manufacture here and deliver every where in india. 

If you ask me about top 10 furniture company in india here it is

Fab india


Home center 

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These are not as per rank i just mentioned alphabetic order

I would Proudly mention that Induscraft is first brand of india who started selling furniture online in Year 2000. Our furniture are most eco friendly furniture we are updating ourself day by day to find best way to deliver wealthy ecosystem, environment.

Long live mother earth, help us to make this world more beautiful.

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