Monday 14 November 2022

New Launch: Product range connected with Pride of India and Kapil dev : Any Guess?

 I always feel positively about and have a lot of respect for sports and sportsmen and sportswomen. Sports,  I feel, is not all about competition and winning. Through sports you understand the importance of team building, goal-oriented mindset, and overcoming your losses. Consistency, hard work, smart thinking are also a part of many other qualities that you learn through sports. If you spend at least 3-4 years religiously in sports activities, you are a sportsperson. And once you are a sportsperson, you always will be one. 

To show my gratitude to sports and athletes, we at Induscraft have launched a furniture range celebrating important athletes or events where India made history. In this segment we are introducing our first Bedroom furniture range called WC83.

We can not forget about the cricket world cup of 1983. I was very young (about 8 y/o) and at my village, radio was also not very common so I couldn’t listen to the live telecast. But throughout the years, I heard about Kapil Dev and the tournament from many people, newspapers and articles. Listening to the praises of such a man made me a huge Kapil Dev fan for eternity. 83 by Kabir Khan amazingly brought out my inner love for sportsmanship, Kapil as well as the other team members. More specially, the Manager who believed in the team and had enough faith so that the team could reach the finals.

So here is the first look of our WC83 range of furniture dedicated to Kapil paji, Team Manager Mohinder Amarnath and all the team members of the Indian team that played in WC83.

It is a cane woven bed with a retro design, artistically made with no sharp edges. It’s well rounded (like Kapil Paji) and made in solid sheesham wood.

Higher than average headboard, complimented by a simple legboard fused with beautiful sheesham wood grains in the middle which compliment cane work which will give your room a more airy and fresh look making this bed a perfect fit for even smaller bed rooms.This comes with a complete bedroom sets including Bed, Bedside, Dresser and Mirror.

It’s one of the best designed beds for people who are looking for retro design, light looking furniture in their room, obviously made in a strong solid wood which is going to keep your memory for a long time. Just like the memory of India winning its first world cup in 1983 remains with us.

Sideboard & Mirror


A retro design inspired by nature, with strong trees standing up against fierce air currents, being the theme of this cane woven furniture. We made the sideboard and mirror with solid wood so that it remains strong, while the caning work gives this design an airy look. Similar to the idea behind this design as athletes need to stay strong as wood while being flexible as the wind. 

Speciality of Design:

This design has no sharp edges and the sideboard is accompanied with 3 utility drawers without any crude knobs. The drawers have a groove in the front to make for an aesthetic and minimal design with a convenient grip to open the drawers without using exposed knobs or handles. The rounded top gives an artistic look and smoothness in the feeling that you are going to love.

Ideal Room: 

You can keep this sideboard and mirror in your bedroom or in the living room or dining area to be used as a storage cabinet. Drawers are spacious to store whatever the need to be.

Who will like this: 

Retro furniture lovers who like classy yet simple furniture will definitely love this as this furniture design is a trendsetter. But people with a taste for the modern and chic will also be delighted to hear that this piece goes as smoothly with the modern interior in your bedroom as melted butter goes with a hot toast.

Currently Available for booking on our Furniture cafe store at Bengaluru : Vadodara : Pune : Indore : Jodhpur

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